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Seamless Integration With Traditional
Broadcast Operations

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Queue Management

IP Free Edge Insertion

Audio alerts


Social Media integration

Broadcast Grade 3D Graphics

Real time 3rd party feeds

Cloud & Broadcast Modes of Operation

3D animations

Integrated with Programmatic Ad Exchange

In-built designer

Rich Targeting Capabilities

30+ overlay ad types

Social Media Feed Injection

Device health monitoring

Broadcast Automation System Integration


Geo-targeted Advertising

Geo-targeted Advertising

International Distribution

International Distribution

Content Substitution

Content Substitution

Channel Branding

Channel Branding

Local Polls & Surveys

Local Polls & Surveys

Local Weather & News

Local Weather & News

Digital Satellite News Gathering (DSNG)

Digital Satellite News Gathering (DSNG)

Audio Localization

Audio Localization

Maya - The Technology

The Maya platform for Satellite Channels offers a localization technology that has potential to increase Television Broadcaster revenues multifold. This platform offers 6 never before seen solutions to the challenges and opportunities facing today's television broadcasters.

Maya's Localization technology integrates Internet feeds and content delivery mechanisms right into broadcast uplink thus eliminating the need for Internet connectivity at the edge devices.

Maya is platform agnostic ensuring seamless localized broadcast on OTT platforms by CDN area.

For the first time ever, MAYA's IRD integrates with Cloud and Satellite reception into one device.

Maya's Ad insertion technology at the edge device (IRD) is 3D ready and completely in sync with broadcast stream.

Maya's Adwize technology helps capture high volume Local Advertisement market in a fully automated manner.

Maya allows broadcasters to report breaking news, latest events and trending topics, as they happen on Social Media Platform.

Broadcast Localization

on DVB-S/C/T/ATSC & IP Networks

The Gaian Advantage

Reduced Operational Costs
Whitelabelled Ad Exchange Integration

Adwize offering with capability of various customization options serving advertiser base locally and globally

Reduced Operational Costs
Reduced Operational

Cloud-based service offerings for capturing new markets and satisfying existing customer base.

Robust Hardware

Targeted & Contextual content delivery with best-in-class hardware for broadcast localization

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